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Vertical Panic bars are push bars that have long adjustable rods

That stretch from the top of the door to the bottom of the door.

The vertical rods have latching locking mechanisms that latch to the

Top of the door frame & to the bottom threshold or floor. Vertical

Panic / push bars are often used on  churches, schools, night clubs,

Office buildings, malls, daycares, and places that host large numbers

Of  people. Vertical panic bar rods can have concealed or surface

Mounted. Concealed vertical  push bar panic devices often need

Adjustments to assure proper locking functions.  It is very common that

Vertical push bars also known as crash bars have locking

And latching problem do to improper original installations.  Abracadabra

Locksmith Services can align, adjust, & repair Vertical panic / push 

& crash bars.  Panic Bars are often used in strip malls, schools, churches

Restaurants, & small businesses where the occupancy might be

A little smaller. Panic bars are often used on single doors or double doors

With a mullion. Panic pars are usually put on doors to comply with

Current codes. Panic bars often have horizontal latching mechanisms

That lath to the door frame. Access control systems can be

Added to work with panic bar systems by simply electrifying the panic

Device or crash bar. Electric strikes can be added to the

Door frame to add a electronic release to unlock the door as well.

Abracadabra Lock & door service can repair and replace all

Panic hardware for every application.



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